Wedding Etiquette

Wedding season is upon us again and it seems that nearly everyone will have an invitation of some kind to attend a wedding this summer. From the most glamorous events in the largest of venues to small intimate affairs it is amazing how many times we see the etiquette of a wedding broken and guests can add themselves on to the most hated list. This can even extend long past the day even and get you blacklisted for months to come from social events. You want to be remembered for all of the right reasons not to make an enemy of an already stressed bride.

Here are a few tips that will hopefully help you put yourself in the good graces of both bride and groom, and not to mention the families of the afore mentioned.

The Gift

Wedding gifts are for the couple, the bride gets spoilt at the shower. They are a nod to the life that they are starting together so if they are having a new kitchen or maybe moving in to a new house together this is the perfect option. It is never appropriate to buy something funny or out of taste, you can never be sure gifts will be opened privately. Try to stick to neutral colours and for your own benefit if there is a list of requested presents then please stick to it. It was made for a reason.

The Reception

No one enjoys having to look after the guest that decided they would start drinking before the rest. Remember that receptions can last long periods of time so watch your alcohol intake and it will benefit you in the long run. Equally important is to not be the centre of attention. No one is here to see you do the dance from Dirty Dancing or back flips, never take away from the couple as this is a day that is designed to celebrate them.

Cardinal Sin

Now the biggy. Please listen closely. Don't. Ever. Wear. White! This is the worst thing you could possibly do. The only person at a wedding wearing white should be the bride. Normally this goes without saying but even getting carried away with the wedding colours can look like you are trying to force your way into the wedding party. A subtle touch is always best. As with most things at a wedding subtle is the way to go. If in doubt play it down.

Too many people these tips will go without saying but for those who were surprised by any of these, we are glad we can help.

One last tip for the benefit of our staff, let the photographer do his job. I am sure you read a book on photography once and have a great camera phone but we are there to do a job and do not need a back-seat photographer analysing every move. We will always give family and friends their opportunity to take their own pictures once we have fulfilled what we are their to do.

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Wedding Day Etiquette

Don't get yourself blacklisted for future events, stick to the etiquette and be the talk of the wedding for the right reasons.