Information For Booking a Photographer

At My Wedding Photographer we try to make the process of booking a photographer for your wedding as simple as possible. Below we have answered some of the questions that we come across on a regular basis. If there is anything not answered for you please feel free to contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you would prefer to talk by phone then email us your number and we will call you at at the soonest opportunity.

How do we book a photographer?

After your initial enquiry one of our staff will contact you for more details about your wedding. After this conversation we will arrange for you to be contacted by the best possible photographer for you. Our photographer will then arrange a meeting with you if you are local or discuss plans across the phone, they will then tell the agency so that we can document the day and book you in.

How much does it cost you don't have prices?

At My Wedding Photographer we work to fulfil your needs as much as possible. We have very experienced staff that will put a price on your day from your specifications. We do not try and force packages on you when there may be elements you want or do not want for your wedding. Generally though our prices start around £1000.

How do I know your any good?

This is a common worry of many couples when booking a wedding photographer. You don't want your big day being spoiled by someone still harnessing their skills. We have personally interviewed every photographer that we work with and have scrutinised their work. Our gallery is just some of our favourite pictures, your photographer will show you their portfolio when you meet with them or this can be done via email. We have photographers who have won awards, worked for many years and done too many weddings to count, so you are in good hands.

Do I have to feed you?

No. We do not state that food should be provided for the photographer at the wedding, although if you are kind enough to put a plate aside for them the kindness is always appreciated. A tea or coffee would be lovely though if you have the time during your hectic schedule.

Do we have to pay up front?

We take a 50% deposit up front. This is to protect ourselves from cancellations. We have found in the past that it is too easy to cancel a photographer at the last minute and we are left having turned down other work and without a job for that date. It is a pessimistic view, we know, but unfortunately the reality is we have to be sure that you have a brilliant photographer booked and signed up for you big day, and our photographers have consistent work. However, if you are booking more than a year in advance then we do not ask for any money until within 12 months of the wedding.

This is just the beginning of the Question and Answers if we receive any more that we feel are important we will post them for you all to read. Any questions you may have feel free to email us at the address above.